Tammy has an amazing gift of light touch therapy. I have found healing and restored energy after every session.
— Dawn

Tammy is the most amazing person! With the lightest touch, her hands held my head and it felt like I was being cradled and surrounded by peace and love. The experience left me feeling light, free of stress, and realigned all along my spine. The craniosacral massage opened up my sinuses, relaxed my chronically clenched jaw and softened my hip and SI joint pain. Both my husband and I have had several sessions with her, and highly recommend her. It is a beautiful experience ❤️
— Carolina

Tammy is the real deal. Her treatments have relieved pain I’ve had for months. Her touch is instantly relaxing, and I truly feel she has the gift of healing.
— Mary Lynn

I was having some recurrences of issues with past injuries. Dr. appointments and medical tests were no help. After a couple of visits to Tammy (CranioSacral Therapy), I am feeling much better! Tammy seems to have an intuitive knowledge of what is wrong, and she is very skilled in restoring balance to your body. I highly recommend her work!
— Patricia

I have been to Tammy for migraines, and her treatment has really helped me. I highly recommend her! My migraines begin in my neck, and Tammy has started working on my neck and I can feel a difference.
— Heather

Tammy left me feeling so refreshed and new after the craniosacral massage! She is very knowledgeable and was able to explain to me what she was doing and how that was affecting my body. She was able to release tension in places I didn’t even know I was holding tension. I highly recommend Tammy! It was a great experience!!!
— Victoria

I am so glad I found Tammy, as my arms were in pain, weak and I had to ice them constantly. Since receiving her myofascial release therapy, I no longer ice, my arms are stronger and my pain is substantially relieved. I will keep going to Tammy, as she has helped me to feel so much better and in a short period of time. I highly recommend Tammy to anyone who has tried all the other modalities without success, come to Tammy and be amazed!
— Deb

I came to Tammy with pain in my shoulders that started when I was a kid due to a fracture in my spine and became worse with each child. My upper back had a hump on it about 2 inches high from years of inflammation. I no longer have that hump ( went away at the first session) and I continue to go to her once a week to address other issues and to maintain a healthier body. I have more range of motion, less pain and feel great after seeing her- third day is the best after a session! All this with NO DRUG SIDE EFFECTS:) Thank you Tammy!!
— Ranelle