About Tammy


While was working as a Registered Nurse on the medical/surgical floor of a local hospital, I realized that many patients did not improve after the doctors had performed the surgery or gave them the medication that was supposed to cure them of their disease and symptoms. Being the nurse that would talk to the patients and get to know them, I wanted to know what was going on in their lives before their symptoms brought them into the hospital. What I realized early in my career is that stressed people become sick people and it takes more than surgery or pills to restore people to a healthy state.

I began my journey into Craniosacral Therapy about 15 years ago when I fell flat on my bottom and began having persistent headaches. I had a sore bottom and hips for about a week and then I began having headaches for days. At the same time I was in the middle of some very stressful life events. I went to several doctors who ran various tests and I still had no answers. Through research into alternative therapies that could help me, I found an Upledger-certified Craniosacral therapist who helped me feel better. After a series of sessions, my headaches disappeared and I was so impressed with Craniosacral therapy that I was inspired to become a therapist myself.

The work I do combines many elements. I use my medical knowledge as a Registered Nurse, the hands-on skills of a Licensed Massage Therapist, my Upledger-certified craniosacral skills and my intuition to assist my clients in their healing process. I consider the emotional and physical events that brings each client to my door. Emotional trauma impacts our bodies just as much or more as physical trauma. I tailor each session to the unique needs of the client on that day.

I give all the glory to God for the gift of guiding my clients to restored health and vitality with Craniosacral therapy. Please call or text me at a 817-909-6202 or through the Request A Service page to begin your individualized treatment plan.

Tammy (Tamra) Schreiber RN LMT CST-T


Texas A and M University - Bachelor of Business Administration

University of Texas at Arlington - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Certified in Craniosacral Techniques - Upledger Institute

Registered Nurse License - Texas

Licensed Massage Therapist Certification - Texas

Classes taken through Upledger, Barral and D’Ambrogio Institutes

Craniosacral Therapy 1, Craniosacral Therapy 2, SomatoEmotional Release 1, SomatoEmotional Release 2, Advanced Craniosacral Therapy 1, Total Body Balancing with Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation - Abdomen 1